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Styles For Asain Bridal Eye Makeup

Here are a few styles of eye makeup for you. I hope you like them.

I used fall colors in this look. A few varieties of greens and a rich orange/red tone for the inner eyes, adding just a touch of black to the outer crease to create depth. I chose mattes tones as I feel it better reflects the season. I lined my eyes with a deep warm green. The colors work perfectly together and this look is great for Autumn. It brings out the green fickles in my brown eyes and agrees with my skintone (I am an Autumn warm). I loved it.

I used soft pinks on my eyelids and added a deep pinkish plum to my outer crease. But it’s the electric blue eyeliner that really brings this look to life. I made the line medium thick because it needs to stand out, it has to be noticeable. The two colors just work so well together and the blue really brings out my brown eyes. A touch of mascara completed this simple look of Asian Bridal Makeup Courses London

I don’t usually wear icy blues but I loved this look on me. It made my eyes green! And I don’t just mean a hint of green but full on green. Wow! I used a white metallic eye shadow as a base (you can see it on my brow bone) and applied three tones of icy blue over it. I applied the darker shade to the outer crease and made sure everything was blended together. I would definitely wear this on a hot summer evening.

These last two eye makeup looks are not colors that I usually wear because of my warm skintone but I really liked the end result and will definitely wear them again. The bonus was that I used natural mineral makeup so no negative makeup effects – it’s all natural.

So, I invite you to try different styles of eye makeup even if they’re not indicated for your skintone. Be daring and try. You might be surprised!


Kanye West Biography and the Body States

Kanye west is an American songwriter, rapper, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and record producer. Kanye has started his career, in 1996. He became famous as a producer for Roc-A-Fella Records. He has produced raps and wrote songs for other rappers and singers like Jay-Z. 39 years-old rapper was born on June 8, 1977, in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. The Kanye west net worth estimate of $ 145 million USD.

Biography of Kanye West

Kanye west parent name is Ray West (father) and Donda West (mother). Ray west was Black Panther, Christian counselor, photojournalist, and entrepreneur. Donda West was the English professor at the University. When he was 3 years-old, his parent was separated. He attended Polaris High School, Oak Lawn, Illinois, USA. He had joined American Academy of Art, Chicago for graduation but after one year he was dropped out from it for continuing his music career.

Kanye has released his debut album “The College Dropout”, in 2004. This album was proved a super hit to his career. He has also founded the record label Good music. He is also known by his stage names: Ye, The Louis Vuitton Don, Konman, and Yeezy. He is the spouse of famous TV celebrity, Kim Kardashian, and is the father of two kids: Saint West (son) and North West (daughter). Watch North West biography and net worth on Celebrity net worth.

  1. Father: Ray West
  2. Mother: Donda West
  3. Sister: Not known
  4. Brother: Not Known
  5. Spouse: Kim Kardashian
  6. Children: North West, Saint west

Body States of Kanye West

Kanye west is the black African, but have an attracting look. He is famous for his singing, raps, and record productions. You might be searching for the body states of the Kanye west, here your search end:

  1. Height: 5 ft 8 in or 173 cm
  2. Weight: 75 kg or 165 pounds
  3. Ethnicity: Black
  4. Color of Hair: Black
  5. Color of eyes: light Brown
  6. Gender: Male
  7. Chest size: 39 inches or 99 cm
  8. Arms/ biceps size: 12 inches or 30 cm
  9. Waist size: 34 in or 86 cm
  10. Shoe size: 7 US.
  11. Religion: Christian

Favorite Things of Kanye West

Here we have collected the information of his favorite things:

  1. Franz Ferdinand (Band)
  2. Scarlett Johansson (White Girl)
  3. Louis Vuitton (Clothing)
  4. Soul Food (Food)
  5. He likes to wear all color except white.
  6. Louis Vuitton, Nike Air 180s (shoe brand)
  7. Kid Cudi (Artist)
  8. Coming to America (Movies, 1988)
  9. Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde (Album)
  10. At the Grammy Awards event, he said to media that he himself is his beloved rapper.

Top songs and Raps of Kanye West

Here is the collection of his top songs and raps:

  1. Gold digger
  2. Stronger
  3. Famous
  4. Fade
  5. Ni***as in Paris
  6. Heartless
  7. Forever
  8. All of the lights
  9. Mercy
  10. Run Away
  11. Father stretched my hand
  12. Otis
  13. Ultralight beam
  14. Jesus Walk
  15. Cannot tell me nothing
  16. Power
  17. Black skinhead
  18. Through the wire
  19. Run this town
  20. Flashing Light



Kids love to play Happy Wheels Unblocked

If you’re into fun and online games, having Happy Wheels unblocked should seem like a dream come true. Surely there are many games on the internet and offline and they’re all fun too, but Happy Wheels bring a weirdly fun attitude in the internet gaming. We’re going to discuss how Happy Wheels can be played but we’re also going to discuss the game itself and find out why is it such a funny and gruesome game.

Happy Wheels Unblocked

Happy wheels Unblocked

The game lets you cross levels but in such a weird way that your player in the game gets beaten, bruised and it seems as if you are literally killing the character. The game shows the character being mercilessly driven into things and obstacles as it goes forward, up, and down. What is really considered to be funny is how all the effects sound when all this is being done. You can actually hear the bones get broken or blood coming out of the character as you force it to ram violently into obstacles.

All this is done just to get to the next level. Usually, games prefer a more peaceful or a less harmful way to get to the next level, ironically speaking in this case. Here, it is encouraged to actually push your character to all limits so that it suffers the best and reaches the next level. All these effects seem funny and disturbing but they’re more funny if you have an awful sense of humor.


The game doesn’t necessarily need any heavy amounts of graphics or storage. It can run on any sort of computer.


Kids love to play happy wheels unblocked Game you can play this game on

you can also play top 10 unblocked games

1) is Happy wheels unblocked

2) is cool math Run 3 unblocked

3) is football heads unblocked

4) is world basketball challenge unblocked

5) is tank trouble 2 unblocked game

6) is candy crush unblocked

7) fireboy and watergirl the forest temple unblocked

8) Stick war 2 unblocked

9) Bmx winter rooftop unblocked

10) Red Tie Runner unblocked

Meta Description: This page explains what is unblocked games and what is it that makes them so popular game

Top Family Vacations

Top Family Vacations around the World

Taking the family on a vacation should have something for everyone. The top family vacations around the world provide entertainment for the kiddies but also have some adult activities packaged into the itinerary as well. Here are some suggestions that were specifically chosen by family vacationers as the top family vacations with the whole crew in mind.

New York City, New York

There is always something happening in the Big Apple from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to a day at Coney Island. In a city the size of New York where there are family activities by day and Broadway shows for mom and dad in the evenings, everyone is sure to come away with fond memories.

London, England

Nothing is as thrilling as seeing a palace where there lives a real life king and queen. Kids of all ages are transported back in time when viewing Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and of course Royal Albert Hall. Don’t forget that London is world famous for its eateries and shopping districts!

Rome, Italy

It doesn’t take a Catholic to appreciate the history and beauty of this city where some of the world’s most famous artists lived and set up shop. From touring the Catacombs to standing in St. Peter’s square there is enough history here to keep the entire family captivated for days on end.

The Bahamas in the Caribbean

This tropical island paradise has more to offer than fun in the sun. There are, of course, some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world but that isn’t the only allure making this a top family vacation spot. From petting zoos for the kids to tropical drinks for moms and dads, there are attractions for all ages.

Orlando, Florida

It isn’t only the kids who will be enthralled with the abundance of theme parks in the Sunshine State. From Disney World to Universal Studios there is always more to see and do than there is time to do it! See why this favorite tourist city is seen as a place where fantasy transcends reality.

Athens, Greece

Even though this city has seen its share of turmoil in recent years, there is no getting around the abundance of history spanning literally thousands of years. With exciting yet educational places of interest like the Acropolis and the Parthenon, Athens is a city to captivate anyone of any age.

Munich, Bavaria (Germany)

Even though the most fun time of year to visit Munich is during late September through the month of October (Oktoberfest of course!) there is plenty to see and do year round. Mom, dad and kids will enjoy the world’s premier technology museum and of course the fairy-tale atmosphere of one of the most beautiful cities in the world makes this a vacation spot not to be missed.

These are just a few of the top family vacations chosen from literally thousands around the globe. No matter what time of year, there is always someplace that is ‘in season’ where there are activities for the entire family. By choosing a vacation spot where there is something for grownups as well as kids, everyone will come home with stories to tell and memories to last an entire lifetime.

Opt For The Only Monument Of Human Ashes Made Diamonds

Today, families prefer morning memorial that will allow them to remember a life in a unique way. Diamonds are made of human ash brings a timeless tribute.

It is not easy to find solace after losing a loved one and everyone has their own method of dealing with the grieving process. Organize a personalized funeral may have a mitigating effect, and this is one of the reasons why most of the relatives of victims in innovative and meaningful ways to honor the memory of their loss. Diamonds are made of human ash offers a number of services in mind relatively new but rapidly growing in popularity. traditional urns can be replaced with these gems, which comes with a certificate of authenticity and can be saved as a family heirloom.

The process of turn human ashes into diamonds is not easy and can take up to six months to complete. It depends on the standards you would expect, the lab you choose color or size you order, and other specific details. There is something poetic and romantic enough for the transformation of the cremated remains in a heart pendant with diamond amplifiers colored or colorless. Although the process is very comprehensive and scientific, the end result is impressive in a very emotional way. Instead of placing an urn of ashes in a special room, you can turn the ashes into something much more valuable and priceless. Most of the traditional aspects of funerals is quite dark and has a pessimistic tone attached to them. The Swiss company LONITE AG offers an alternative for those who do not want to watch the funeral on the way.

The families of the victims must have a broader spectrum of creative and meaningful alternatives to honor a loved departure. This is exactly what a Swiss company LONITE AG. It is to offer emotional support and interesting for those seeking a new way of adorning a loss of resolution. One way that is more optimistic than pessimistic. Laboratory results indicate that a person with about eighty kg to 2.5 kg of ash on combustion. This can make a diamond of 0.2 grams. The Swiss company AG LONITE asks grieving families to make donations if they hope to create larger pearls. The hair and the ashes will be used to review a series of processes that recreate the natural environment leads to the formation of the diamond. Of course, all processes are accelerated by advanced tools used in the laboratory. This does not necessarily mean that the process will be quick.

Turn diamonds into ashes

Do you remember your precious loved always when choosing this type of memorial service and feels constantly in touch with them. People like to carry around objects that remind them of a loved one, but the facts of human remains diamonds are even more special. While some people still think it is outrageous, others are very emotionally safe and adapted it to pay a significant price.

Thing to Do In Canada and Places That Are A Must Visit

Being the world’s second largest country, Canada has something for everyone whether you are looking for waterfalls, forests, wildlife or natural parks, Canada will give you just that. It’s so rich in things to do and see that Canada tourism goes a level higher every year. There are different types of accommodation and a reliable transport system, so there is no point in worrying about your stay. The Natural Heritage Sites of Canada amounts to 9 while its Cultural Heritage Sites are 8 making a total of 17. From Toronto to Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary, you will be amazed by what it has to offer. The culture is diverse to make your stay comfortable.

Visiting the Niagara Falls

Maybe you have heard about the world famous Niagara Falls, and you have always wanted to see these falls with a height of 57 m. visiting the falls is actually one of things to do in Toronto as the city is only 1-hour drive away. The water body is one of the many reasons millions of tourists head to the country and some great movie scenes have been shot here.

The Gros Morne National Park Is A Must Visit

Those that love skiing will love being at the Gros Morne National Park that is home to steep cliffs, skiing area, and huts as well as beautiful surrounding of lush green. Once you are at the park. You will understand the reason it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The CN Tower Is A Must Visit In Toronto

For a 360 degree and spectacular view of Toronto, dine at the revolving restaurant at the famous CN Tower. You will see Toronto and the lake from 553 meters high. A lookout with a glass floor is also available and taking photos here is one of the best things to do in Canada.

Visiting Old Quebec and Old Montreal

Just like many other cities in the world, Montreal and Quebec has their ancient parts. Visiting these old cities is a great way to have a Victorian experience. There are ancient buildings that are still intact and horse carriages.

The Polar Bear Migration

For an amazing experience while in Canada during the month of November and October is to enjoy the Canada tourism. Have a breathtaking view of polar bears as they migrate when the ice freezes. It’s a spectacle that you would not want to miss happening near Churchill.

Sample Great Cuisines

Your visit will be complete when you enjoy the available cuisines. From Asian to European and French, you will be spoilt for choice. It’s a great trip to test your taste buds.

Reason to Extract Diamonds from Ashes

In fact, there are countless reasons to convert diamonds from ashes; one of this is the best way to honor loved ones who have recently lost. Despite the fact that people generally do not associate commemorative diamonds with the ashes of people in their lives who are dead, you should know that this is one of the options. Instead of selecting a traditional burial, you can do something that will give you some benefits.

At first, you might be tempted to be more conservative and simply follow the general steps usually associated with the death of someone you worry about. But one of the many reasons why you should consider investing in Memorial Diamonds is the fact that the last for many years to come. It is not like you can transform diamonds ash and must be kept in a box. You can use all the time you decide to place diamonds in a type of jewelry setting.

If someone asks you about the history of this ring or pendant, there is a lot that can be said about it. Diamond you can see who is made of someone’s ashes that means a lot of things to you and you do not want to say goodbye to. Although they are no longer in their lives, some of them are – their essence, you will always be here. You might be surprised to learn that the process of this diamond growth is about six months.


But if you think about it, it is a process that allows the staff to turn the ashes into diamonds. It is, of course, you need a lot of care and attention. Another reason why you want to invest in these diamonds is the fact that not only is some of the valuable jewelry that can be bought everywhere. Each is unique due to a couple of factors. First, every diamond made from the ashes of a particular person.

Also because of this special relationship, the final color of the memorial diamond is not the same as another way you have seen. Its shape and color depend on the ashes used and the environment will grow. If you are wondering how you can enjoy this service, you should know that everything starts with creating their own in the right place and ordering kit ash storage. They will send around, you have to place the ashes and come back kit.

Best Activities to do in India

Indian is impregnated with a lot of luxurious and entertaining amenities that people of all ages would find interesting. It is diversity of breath taking utilities makes it among the highly visited cities in the world. From beautiful beaches, unique and typical entertaining Indian cultural practices, wonderful landmarks, historical sites to magnificent modern buildings and shopping malls, India stands out. Don’t be surprised to see that you can’t pick where to visit because India attractions are many and very appealing.

Things to do in India

Below are among the things to do in India when you tour the place. Take note that India has different cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Goa which contain different recreational activities. You, therefore, need to know where the place you are booking to visit is located.


  1. You Can Have Fun in Goa

Goa is best for those who like partying because it contains wonderful night clubs and music festivals. The place is known to have some of the most wonderful beaches where people can go party as a group. The Anjuna Beach, Vagator beach, Morjim beach, Querim beach and Calangute beach are all contained in this city which makes it a real hub of entertainment. Most people visit Goa during the summer season to enjoy the cool breezes and enjoy swimming in the blue waters.


  1. Enjoy Trekking on the Hills of Mcleodganj

Trekking is a wonderful activity to do on these glorious mountains with cool environments and wonderful animal species. It’s an ultimate place where you can enjoy camping with friends as you witness millions of stars on the sky and the tender moon light shining on you. You can trek on foot or use bikes if you have them.


  1. Visit the Hare Krishna Temple

The believers of Lord Krishna decided to make a temple to show how much they treasure their god. The colorful decorations, the faces of the lords and cool environment makes Krishna temple to be visited by millions of people from across the world. This place is known as a religious that has nourished many souls due to its religious messages. Find your time to visit it and have fun as well. It is among the best tourist places in India that people always want to visit.


  1. Jamal Masjid Mosque

This is known to be a worshiping center to over 25,000 Indians. It is a beautiful and iconic religious center where even the royal family normally goes to pray through the eastern gate. During prayer intervals, the place prohibits any visitors from setting a foot in the place, but when there are no prayers on progress, people are allowed to visit.

Indian is a full loaded country with a lot of amenities people can visit to enjoy. All you need to do is to make a list, find out where those places in the list are and start your tour. You would never get bored.

Best Things to Do in Victoria

Victoria is a remarkable destination, and there are plenty of interesting places to delight in over here. Most of the Victoria attractions are located within its capital city of Melbourne, which has numerous indoor and outdoor activities. From natural attractions and scenic beaches to museums, zoos and art galleries among many others, you will certainly enjoy your stay in Victoria.

Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens are one of the best Victoria attractions that bring in numerous visitors each year. It offers the opportunity to experience some well-preserved natural environment with over 300 hectares of pristine heathlands, forests and wetlands. This far-reaching garden enclosure is home to flourishing flora and fauna. Arranging for a picnic here is certainly one of the best things to do in Victoria.

Melbourne Zoo

Zoos are an interesting place to see a wide range of animals and also learn more about a country and its native species. Australia’s oldest ever zoo, Melbourne Zoo opened its doors in 1862 on an impressive 22 hectare piece of land. Since then, the zoo has become one of the top Victoria attractions, with a diverse collection of animals and aquatic exhibits. This is an exciting place where both you and your kids will not get bored.

National Gallery of Victoria

The wide and extensive National Gallery of Victoria collection features assortments of impressive international art from both the past and the present. It is an excellent place to see Australian art as well as amazing Asian decorative pieces ranging from Japan to India. Regardless of your interests, this is one of the best things to do in Victoria. You can stroll through the various exhibits, sit down for the lectures, films and recitals, or enjoy the special exhibits and events available here.

Yarra Valley

Home to over 80 wineries, Yarra Valley, allows you to enjoy the best wine in the country. Follow the self-drive and scenic wine tracks in the area or visit the vast, fresh food markets. One of the best things to do in Victoria is to see how the fine wine is produced as well as taste the ripening wines directly from the barrels. Other notable produce that you can get in this area includes caviar, fresh vegetables and fruit, freshwater goldfish and handmade cheeses. For an exciting and fresh view of the Yarra Valley, take the popular hot-air balloon rides before finally descending into one of the lush vineyards to have some fresh-picked produce.
These are only a few of the many things to do in Victoria. There are many entertainment amenities available on offer for both adults and kids.

The Best kratom powder

Kratom is the herb which offers relief from the pain, anxiety and depression. It works best in the form the powder. There are many qualities after converting this herb into the powder or depends on the area of that herb. This is used by the doctors and even proved by the scientist that it provide relief from the different difficult situations like depression and pain. It has ability in it to provide best relief or treatment to chronic pain and also it is helpful to recover the conditions that are affected by the addiction of many drugs and unusual things.

But this is also harmful in some cases and the department of drug enforcement administration has banned this drug for sale due to the unexpected results. It is actually the drug. The very famous drug. The most important name by which it came to be known by the people is heroin, acstasy etc. but he department thinks that this ban should be delayed to leaving the decision on the public.

It can be available to you in very different forms like buy kratom powder, kratom capsules, kratom extract and also available in very different forms and varieties in different rates. Rates are dependent on the variety and type of the drug that in which form you want to get kratom. Every variety of kratom has different names. If you want to buy kratom then you can easily get this from online. Now, in this modern technological world, buy kratom online instead of getting it by crossing many difficulties. But for the purpose of relieving the pain and different body or health situation not for the wrong purpose. Some of the names of kratom having different qualities like Bali kratom powder, maeng da Thai kratom powder (red vein), maeng da Thai kratom leaf (white vein), and many more varieties which you can easily get from online. There are huge market present which provide you the kratom in no time after getting your order. This could be time and money saver.

You can get this in the forms which you wanted to get and in which form you want to use this herb. Basically, people use this to leave the very far off from them. This plant can be chewed, through the capsules, and also used into the tea. Its small dose provide you relax from difficult psycho diseases. This can be helpful to reduce the effect of past events which may not be helpful to you in many cases. By using this herb, you will find yourself into the tension free situation and after sometime, of using this herb, you may totally getting free from the anxiety, pain or depression due to which you were taking this herb as a medicine. But this is not good for the large doses or in the heavy dose. Many sites online provide the kratom for sale just to facilitate you and make you the reliable person for others in different situation.