Sterling management:-
                     Sterling management is a site on which its runner try to make fun of all its customers. This site is nothing more than a foolish and dirty scammer. We are here to spread awareness about this scam and it is our duty to save our innocent brothers and sisters from all these scams. There is nothing in this world which can work for you without its own benefit so how could you think that these websites can give you anything without their benefit?
                     This site is mainly designed for those who have their interest in business and associated with businessmen. It offers its peoples to invest their money in different ways such as it can be your property or your money or may be your some personal documents as well. We should beware of all these scams because they cause to waste your time as well as your money.

Tai Lopez;-
                 Tai Lopez is working for the betterment of its owner. It is also a dirty scam. This site got popularity and fame in days. It is designed for those who wanted to become rich in fewer days or hours. So it is our duty to save our peoples from these things. Tai was associated with some other official website from where researches got to know that this site is making fun of all innocent peoples by getting their money and give nothing in return.
                 Tai Lopez is a website which offers you to invest your money and get double of your amount in fewer days. But there is nothing in world which is working for anyone without its own benefit. So how could you think that this site is working for you. Tai is designed by some very clever person so you should get awareness completely before investment. 

Jordan French: An entrepreneur, writer and marketing expert

Jordan French is and American entrepreneur, writer and marketing expert. He was not well known to the people of Austin and its surroundings until he was accused of being involved in Jumpolin Pinata Store incident. He allegedly demolished the store without any notification to the owners. There has been a huge debate over it. The company he was with at that time, Status Lab, got his resignation and threw him off the board. Currently, he plays the lead role in BeeHex and is also a partner in BNB Shield and Notability Partners. However, these programs are also under observation as people believe that soon he will come up with some scam to rob the people of Austin