How Access Control Systems Work In Commercial Applications

Access control systems are the latest security for businesses. These security systems can be connected wirelessly to smartphones and the Internet. Only people with access to the building will be able to open them. In fact, these locks are so secure, the average burglar will be unable to get past them. Not only are these locks secure, they are also convenient. Employees can access rooms easily, and visitors can be given temporary access wirelessly on their devices. Access control systems are the wave of the future.

State of the Art Security

Most modern access control systems have the same security standard as banks do for online transactions. This is 128-bit AES encryption. That's secure enough to protect all types of Internet traffic from hackers including locking and unlocking commands.

AES was developed by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology. They needed a successor to Data Encryption Standard (DES) and began work on AES in 1997. It would become the encryption standard for the U.S. government. It protects classified information.

AES is a symmetric block cipher. This is a type of text encryption that uses a cryptographic key and algorithm on a group of data instead of just one bit.

So Convenient that You Don't Have to Do Anything

Access control systems can lock and unlock automatically when a person approaches it. In fact, the person can keep their smartphone inside their pocket, and the lock will detect its presence. After detecting it, the Access control system will open. After closing the door, the lock will automatically trigger after the person walks away. It's that simple.

If you prefer holding a device near the door, you can do that as well. Most access control systems will detect the smartphone if it is held near it. This is a more natural way to interact with the door. When you become familiar with the Access control system, you can keep the smartphone inside your pocket and open the door as if there isn't a lock on it.

You Won't Need a Key - Use Your Smartphone

Access control systems reduce the number of keys you have to carry with you. The employees of the company may have two or three new keys when they start working. With access control systems, the employee needs a smartphone, and they could use the one they currently used for work or personal use.

All of the benefits and better security.

Considering all of the benefits of access control systems and their affordability these days its no wonder why so many business owners are choosing to install them on their properties. The question now is, will you consider installing an access control system on your commercial property?
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